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Awesome COD:MW2 Blog Post 2

2010-01-20 16:28:07 by NumbahPlate

This post il introduce map tips :D


Estate is a good map due to its circular shape. It is good for EVERY game mode except TDM or MTDM in a constant back and forth firefight between the house and the out side.

Make sure you have sitrep on, this will help you survive from claymores/C4s. Also you can stop a respawn of the entire team inside the house because it picks up tactical insertions.

The quick and alert players will make use of the houses back entrance to be able to catch the people protecting the house by suprise.

Last of all, stay clear of the greenhouse, its a killzone, do not got there unless essential.

Ideal Class

Primary: M21 EBR, Heartbeat Sensor
Secondary: Model 1887 Akimbo
Equipment: C4/Claymore depending on style of play
2Equipment: Smoke, quick escapes from thermals
Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
Perk 2: Danger Close Pro
Perk 3: Sitrep Pro

Thats all and i hoped i helped for MW2 MP.

Add me on PSN: Warwick96

Welcome to the awesome CoD6 Blog. This provides advice on maps, classes and what perks to get pro on. In this blog the first class i'm advising is this :D

Weapon: SMG-Vector, HoloGraphic Sight
Secondary: Shotgun-Spas-12, Foregrip
Equipment: C4 Or Semtex
Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
Perk 2: Hardline Pro
Perk 3: Ninja Pro
Deathstreak: Copycat/final stand
KillStreak Setup: Care Package, Harrier, Pavelow Or EMP*

(EMP if your confident)

This works best on most maps except WasteLand except you hangaround in the bunker but no camping. :P

Try and get Commando Pro, No falling damage. Or Scavenger Pro, More Mags.